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Should I refresh my existing cabinets or start fresh?

Depending on how many cabinets you have in your space, you will need to decide if you want to replace your cabinets or reface your existing ones. It used to save you time and money to reface existing and while it does take longer to replace your cabinets, the cost can sometimes be hand in hand with one another. To help determine which method is right for you, we have put together this blog breaking down some key factors to help decision making.

The first question at hand—storage.

  1. Do you have enough with your existing cabinet layout?
  2. Do you have good space to store items? Sometimes we have enough cabinets and shelving but not the right size, or the space isn’t used adequately.
  3. Do your corner shelves have dead space?
  4. Can you reach everything you need for easy access?
  5. Do you have the right shelving in your cabinets?

Second question to consider—functionality and durability.

  1. Are your current cabinets functioning for your lifestyle?
  2. Do they have soft close or is there constant door slamming and drawer banging?
  3. Do all your drawers have dividers that work for your utensils or are you shoving things in because that’s what you have always done?
  4. What kind of shape are your cabinets in?
  5. Are they solid and well-made and in decent condition?

Finally, style.

  1. Do you like the style of the doors?
  2. Would replacing hardware help enhance the look and feel of your cabinets?
  3. Are your appliances up to date and fit in the spots assigned by the layout of your cabinets?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, keeping your existing cabinets sounds like the way to go. If that’s the case, a new paint applied professionally can freshen up your design and provide you a new look that would help your kitchen stand out. Paint, paired with new hardware can really update the look of a kitchen.


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