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Paint! A truly REFRESHing change!

Sometimes, all a room needs is a new coat of paint! If you are trying to save up for a refresh or a remodel but want to add some vibrance to a room (or an entire home), you can do a lot with paint. We don’t typically like to plug ourselves on our blog, but we are really excited about this announcement and couldn’t help but share: Everleigh has a paint line exclusive to our store! You can get these amazing paint colors only through us and they are something to talk about! This blog we took our favorite things to paint and shared some ways (and images) you can freshen your look with paint!


While time consuming to do yourself, painting your trim can provide a new look and really brighten up a space. Especially if you are painting old honey oak color to a white or cream. When painting trim, it’s important to use the right kind of paint and sheen. We recommend using a semi-gloss or satin finish rather than a flatter finish like eggshell.

If you are feeling a little bold and want more of a modern look to your home, consider painting one of your rooms with a black or grey trim. And paint the doors to match. Everleigh Brilliance Paint’s Black Velvet makes for a great black trim paint.


Hot off the parade of homes this year, designers used wainscoting and wood paneling as a key design element in the homes. Painting these wall accents a different color than the other wall colors creates artwork on your walls! Popular rooms for a technique like this include dining rooms and master bedroom accent walls.

Accent Walls.

Another idea to add some cost-effective design to your home is paint a wall in a pattern as an accent wall. Here in this image, a little girls room is transformed with yellow and grey lines on the walls. (Did we mention how complimentary yellow and grey are together? We liked it so much, we did an entire blog about it.) Pictured here is the Everleigh Brilliance Paints, Blaine and Buff Greige.

Green Galore.

All the rage this year is green paint! Consider a green room, green accent wall or green cabinets for your home. A little green goes a long way but can really modernize your house. We like to pair a bold green with white, gold and natural woods. In this image, a small yoga space was transformed with the Everleigh Brilliance paint, Flint Hills.


If you are not feeling comfortable going all in on your walls, consider neutral walls and use furniture as a design element. We love what this pop of color does to this space!

Stop by the showroom today for a look at our Exclusive Paint line!





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