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    Paint! A truly REFRESHing change!

    Sometimes, all a room needs is a new coat of paint! If you are trying to save up for a refresh or a remodel but want to add some vibrance to a room (or an entire home), you can do a lot with paint. We don’t typically like to plug ourselves on our blog, but

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    A Beautiful Pair

    Pantone colors of the year: 2021 How to accent your home with these popular colors. This year, the pantone colors are not two we haven’t seen paired before. Yellow and Grey have been paired together for years and complement one another well. Good news for longevity if you want to bring this duo into your

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    2021 Kitchen Trends

     Kitchens are one of the most renovated spaces in a home. Here are a few of the latest 2020-2021 trends in kitchen design. Trendy looks can be fun but consider your space before going deep into the latest trends, as some will grow old in time. Consider adding an element of the latest trend that

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